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Darcy Burke

The Phoenix Club Books 1 and 2: Improper and Impassioned

Books 1-2: The Phoenix Club: The Phoenix Club

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Society’s most exclusive invitation…

Welcome to the Phoenix Club, where London’s most audacious, disreputable, and intriguing ladies and gentlemen find scandal, redemption, and second chances.


Dissolute rogue Tobias Powell, Earl of Overton, has just inherited a sheltered, proper young ward for whom he must find a husband. And that is only the start of his problems. His father’s will demands Tobias marry within the next six weeks, or he’ll lose his mother’s house, a treasure so dear that Tobias can’t consider defeat. Surely he can rehabilitate his scandalous reputation, secure a match for his ward, and find the sophisticated woman of his dreams before it’s too late. Except his ward is a hellion who cannot behave. She can, however, make him laugh.

Provincial Miss Fiona Wingate is eager to swap her boring small town for an exciting London Season. Until she realizes her new guardian, a dashing earl, plans for her to wed with the utmost haste. Fiona has no interest in marriage—she’s only just been liberated from her lifelong isolation! But when she causes a near scandal and Tobias comes to the rescue, an unexpected attraction sparks between them. Except romance between a guardian and his ward would be most improper…


In nearly two years of marriage, Sabrina Westbrook has barely spoken to her husband and shared a bed even less. The Earl of Aldington lives in London and attends to his seat in the House of Commons, while she and her social anxiety tend to his country house and gardens. Their arrangement is quite civilized, their letters painfully polite, and their twice-yearly visits…awkward. But if Sabrina can muster the courage, that is all about to change. Starting tonight.

Heir to a dukedom, Constantine Westbrook knows his duty: to country, to family, and to the shy, retiring wife whose beauty stole his breath the moment they met. Whose arousing, enticing body he’s never seen in the light of day. Or any light at all. However, the woman who shows up in London unannounced is somehow different. For the first time in their marriage, Sabrina has a request–no, a demand.

However, to give Sabrina her heart’s desire, they’ll both need a few lessons in love…

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Published: June 4, 2023
Publisher: Zealous Quill Press
Formats: Ebook
ASIN: B0C73ND641