Impassioned | The Phoenix Club | Author Darcy Burke
Darcy Burke


Book Two: The Phoenix Club

About the Book

In nearly two years of marriage, Sabrina Westbrook has barely spoken to her husband and shared a bed even less. Both activities would require they actually live together. As it is, the Earl of Aldington attends to his seat in the House of Commons, while she and her crippling social anxiety tend to his country house and gardens.

Their arrangement is quite civilized, and their letters are painfully polite. Their twice-yearly visits are…awkward. But, if Sabrina can muster the necessary courage, all of that is about to change. Starting tonight.

Heir to a dukedom, Constantine Westbrook knows his duty: to country, to family, and to the shy, retiring wife whose beauty stole his breath the moment they met. Whose arousing, enticing body he’s never seen in the light of day. Or any light at all.

However, there’s something different about the woman who shows up in London unannounced. For the first time in their marriage, Sabrina has a request. No, a demand. But wanting and having are two different things. And to give Sabrina her heart’s desire, they’ll both need a few lessons in love…

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“What can I say? This Phoenix Club series is proving to be a wonderful surprise, from the short introductory book, through the first two books in the series. A joy to read.”

– Goodreads review

“This book is filled with intense emotion and passion!”

– Goodreads review

“…Impassioned is a fun, sexy, romantic, love story…”

– Goodreads review

The Details

Published: August 24, 2021
Publisher: Oliver Heber Books
Formats: EbookPaperback
Translations: Deutsch
ISBN-13: 978-1637260364 ASIN: B0CW55CY7H
Genres & Tropes
married couple, marriage of convenience, regency romance, social anxiety, rigid hero