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Book 4: The Phoenix Club

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If Bennet St. James, the Viscount Glastonbury, doesn’t find a bride with a sizeable dowry, he’ll be in the poorhouse along with his interminable number of female relatives—all of whom he loves but are a drain on the negative fortune his father left when he died of a broken pocketbook. Desperate, he hatches a scheme to snare an heiress only to be foiled by a most vexing and alluring—and unfortunately equally destitute—paid companion.

Lady’s companion Prudence Lancaster is single-minded about finding her mother and filling in the missing pieces of her life. But a villainous viscount interrupts her plans, and his surprising charm and understanding tempts her in the most indecent ways. Soon, she’s dreaming of the future instead of wallowing in the past.

But when Bennet shares a dark secret, her hopes are dashed. For he won’t break the promise he made to his family, even if it means losing the greatest love he’s ever known.

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“A moving tale of resilience, forgiveness and love beyond restrictions and expectations. 5 stars”

– Elodie’s Reading Corner

“I was moved to so many emotions as I took the journey with them, page after nail biting page. Such brilliant writing deserves more than five stars!”

– Amazon review

“I’m a sucker for any story where previous characters are redeemed and the h/H have a second chance at love. Prudence intrigued me in previous books and Bennet made me question his character. Both turned out to be more than deserving of their HEA.”

– Love at 1st Read

The Details

Published: January 25, 2022
Publisher: Oliver Heber Books
Formats: EbookPaperback
Translations: Deutsch
ISBN-13: 9781637260432 ASIN: B0CW1LNRJF
Genres & Tropes
private club, romance, friends to lovers, best friend's sister, brother's best friend