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Darcy Burke

Where to Start

Darcy has many books in several genres and subgenres. Read on for tips:

If you like Bridgerton, try The Untouchables, The Spitfire Society, and Rogue Rules for connected characters and family with Regency London glamor and steamy romance

If you like Bridgerton centered around an inclusive club where people find happily ever afters, try The Phoenix Club where you’ll find a bit of everything including a guardian/ward romance, friends to lovers, kidnapping gone awry, a spy story, a former courtesan and a virgin hero, and an autistic heroine

If you like small town historical romance…try Love is All Around and Marrywell Brides, which are set in English villages at Christmas time and during a May Day Festival

If you like epic, dramatic romance, try Secrets and Scandals with a highwayman, Regency Fight Club, an epic bromance, and the redemption of a villain

If you like treasure hunts and road trips with mystery and suspense
Legendary Rogues, with hints of Romancing the Stone, Indiana Jones, and Arthurian legend

If you like quick reads with steam and humor
Matchmaking Chronicles set at a country house party for couples looking to make a match, either temporarily or forever

If you like a central location with a friend group and found family
Read the Wicked Dukes Club with a pair of dukes who own a pub

If you like holiday stories
Read Love is All Around, a small town family saga set at Christmas time

If you like Miss Scarlet and the Duke
Try Raven & Wren, Victorian mystery with a hint of paranormal and a slow burn romance

If you like Virgin River
Try Ribbon Ridge and So Hot, a family saga set in a small town in Oregon’s wine country

Long, Epic Series
The Untouchables (12 books), The Phoenix Club (8 books), Rogue Rules (8 books), Secrets & Scandals (6 books), Ribbon Ridge (6 books)

The Spitfire Society, The Pretenders, So Hot

Quick, Satisfying Reads
Marrywell Brides, Love is All Around, Matchmaking Chronicles, Wicked Dukes Club

Mystery & Suspense
Raven & Wren, Legendary Rogues, The Pretenders, Secrets & Scandals

High Society
The Untouchables, The Spitfire Society, The Pretenders, Rogue Rules

Set outside London (house parties, small town, etc.)
Marrywell Brides, Matchmaking Chronicles, Love is All Around, Legendary Rogues

Family Sagas
Ribbon Ridge, So Hot, Love is All Around

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