Visiting Versailles | Author Darcy Burke
Darcy Burke

Visiting Versailles

See more pictures from my trip to Versailles!

Versailles is huge. This is just one side.

The gardens at Versailles.

The Hall of Mirrors.

The ceilings of Versailles are something to behold.

The chapel at Versailles.

A faux farmhouse at the Petite Trianon on the Versailles grounds (this is the medieval village folly that Marie Antoinette liked to spend time in).

A medieval village folly at Petite Trianon, where Marie Antoinette liked to hang out.

More of the medieval village.

A chapel at Petite Trianon–this is in the house, not the village. When I say Versailles is HUGE, I’m not kidding.

Petite Trianon dining room.

Petite Trianon bedroom.

A folly on the grounds at the Petite Trianon. Again, this place is massive. So, so extra.

There were so many cute animals at the medieval village farm. Okay, maybe the pig isn’t cute, but it’s something!

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